Welcome to Ganga & Tara’s One World, One Family Blog

This is a space to celebrate our Oneness and share positive ideas and technologies to improve life on this planet. There are many serious problems facing humanity, like global warming, shortages of food and clean water, pollution of the environment as well as greed, intolerance and hatred that  lead to war. We believe that in order to solve these problems humanity must rise to a higher level of consciousness. We have dedicated our lives to sharing information about how each person can attain the highest states of consciousness. We are international spiritual teachers but we are not gurus and do not claim to be enlightened. We are not promoting any one religion, teacher or path. We are merely simple people who love God, humanity and this planet and are striving in a small way to be of service. May all beings swiftly attain full enlightenment.

Blessings, Ganga and Tara