“What I believe” by Ganga

“What I believe” by Ganga

I believe that:We are souls incarnated in physical bodies for one purpose – to know God.

This life on Earth is a school, the purpose of which is to grow spiritually and realize God.There are many ways to realize God that suit different types of people from different cultures.

What the world needs most of all is greater tolerance and respect of other’s beliefs.

The true religion is loving kindness.

The solution to the problem’s facing humanity is to raise the level of human consciousness.

Great enlightened masters from all religions and all cultures have attained higher states of consciousness.

It is possible for people to attain the same higher states of consciousness, of Self-Realization and God-Realization, that the great masters achieved.

The way to create a better world, based on love, tolerance and compassion is to live those values in our every day life.

God dwells within every person and by serving others we serve God.

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